Fake TV Model FTV 11

Fake TV Model FTV 11

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A Brighter Fake TV for more Impact. Fake TV 11 simulates a 40” HD Television. Fake TV11 is much improved on earlier models, more effective and more noticeable.

Fake TV 11 is Australia and New Zealand compliant meeting all safety standards. It is safe and cheap to run and works on a timer.



Fake TV. Is fantastic, my husband works night shift and our living room is at the back of the house. I have my Fake TV plugged into the front room and makes me feel very secure indeed. Great product, we highly recommend Fake T.V.

Got a fake TV. for my next door neighbor. Saves me having to turn the lights and T.V. on when she was away, she loves Fake TV for peace of mind it affords.

Thanks FAKE TV

I must say this product works great. As the Company says you would think the family are home watching T.V. Great peace of mind when we are away on the odd weekend away. A lot more effective than our burglar alarm that used to off at the drop of a hat that