FUNCTIONAL Measurement FTV-10 FTV-11 Units
Light Output Equivalent size of LCD television simulated* 27 40 inches;
  Peak light output, measured at 2 feet 42 142 lux
  Average light output, measured at 2 feet 20 70 lux
Light Sensor Turn on threshold 0.5 0.5 lux
  Arm threshold (to get ready for new cycle) 3 3 lux
  Interrupt timer cycle threshold,
incandescent source
40 40 lux
Switch positions Dusk + 4 Hours      
  Dusk + 7 Hours --- ---  
  ON­­­­­­­­ --- ---  
ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature range -20 to -20 to C
  Voltage range, US power supply 40 40  
  Power consumption, operating 100-240 100-240 V
  Power consumption, operating 2 2 W
    0.3 0.3 W
MECHANICAL Product Dimensions 81 X 65 81 X 65 mm
    X 68 X 68  
    3.2 X 2.7 3.2 X 2.7


    X 2.5 X 2.5  
  Product weight 4.5 4.7 oz
    126 126 gm
  Package Dimensions (updated March 2013.  140 X 80 140 X 80 mm
  Previous package was slighly larger.)  X 90 X 90  
    5.5 X 3.2 5.5 X 3.2  
    X 3.5 X 3.5  
    5.5 X 3.2 5.5 X 3.2  
  Package weight 8.8 9 oz
    255 255 gm

Certifications and Approvals

Power Supply Approvals

UL Listed - The power supply of FakeTV is UL listed, which means it has passed rigorous safety testing. The FakeTV unit itself uses only safe, low voltage (9V) power and is connected to a UL listed supply, and thus requires no further approval. The UL listing for the FakeTV power supply also meets the Canadian requirements as well.

Additionally, power supply has been tested for conformity to EU standards appropriate for the markets in which they are sold. We have used power supplies from several manufacturers, and these are some of the certifications: MELF - TUV Certification Szhengji Mains Certification

CE Marked
FakeTV is CE marked, which means that it complies with the applicable Australian & N.Z.safety standards. See: CE Declaration for units manufactured 2008-2012 and CE Declaration for unit produced 2013

RoHS Compliant
FakeTV is RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. This means that it will not leave nasty chemicals in a landfill. See RoHS Compliance certificate for units manufactured 2008-2012 as well as RoHS Compliance certificate for units manufactured 2013



  • Hydreon believes in enforcing our valuable intellectual property. FakeTV is protected  by these US Patents: 7,365,649 7,719,435 7,755,470
    An international (PCT) application is pending.
  • We believe in enforcing our valuable intellectual property, and have many years of experience in doing so.
  • This is much harder than it looks, and required considerable engineering and tooling.
  • We believe in enforcing our valuable intellectual property. (Did we say this already?)


About Simulated Television Sizes

Your actual results will usually be a bit better than we indicate in our specifications. Real televisions vary widely in light output. Older CRTs televisions will typically be just a bit dimmer than the "typical television" we are referencing. LCD televisions that are just a few years old, and current lower-end televisions, are back-lit with fluorescent lamps, and are considerably dimmer. But, most newer televisions have LED back-lights, and are typically about as bright as the FakeTV's they correspond to in our specifications.


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